Three Places To Install Security Cameras Around Your Home

Posted on: 8 September 2016

When it comes to home video monitoring, the ultimate goal is to increase security and protection. Proper placement of these monitoring devices is critical to this mission. Poor placement limits your ability to accurately view the area in and around your home. Before setting up a monitoring system for your property, make sure you know where to place your cameras.

Rear Entry Doors

While it's great to install a camera at your front door, the average burglar isn't looking to simply walk into your front door. Burglars are all about discretion. They want the fastest way in and out of a home without being seen. This makes rear entry doors a prime target.

Always secure these entryways with a camera that isn't easily detectable or is not within easy reach so you don't have to worry about someone trying to remove it. It's also ideal to ensure the device is equipped with night vision and is weatherproof.

Upstairs Windows

Consider installing a camera on an upstairs window in both the front and rear of your home. This type of camera placement is ideal because it can alert you of an intruder before they actually attempt to get inside. A camera placed on an upper level offers a far wider field of view than a camera placed on a lower level.

If the camera is installed near a window that is toward the center of your home, you should be able to see clearly down the street on the left and right side of your home. In addition to ensuring that the camera is weatherproof, it's best to choose a camera that is equipped with remote control features that allow you to easily adjust the angle of the camera as necessary.  

Basement Stairwell

If your home has a basement, make sure you don't forget about this space. Whether your basement has a separate entry door or just windows, burglars can use these spaces to gain access to your home. An ideal place to install a camera in this area is along the stairwell.

If someone does enter your home through the basement, they will quickly make their way up the stairs to gain access to the rest of your home. While a camera in this area won't exactly help you keep an intruder out of your home, as they make their way up the stairs, you will have a clear view of their face, making identifying the intruder much easier.

In addition to helping you install the cameras, a security professional can also assess your home to help you determine the best places to install your cameras. Don't overlook their expertise.

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