• Three Places To Install Security Cameras Around Your Home

    When it comes to home video monitoring, the ultimate goal is to increase security and protection. Proper placement of these monitoring devices is critical to this mission. Poor placement limits your ability to accurately view the area in and around your home. Before setting up a monitoring system for your property, make sure you know where to place your cameras. Rear Entry Doors While it's great to install a camera at your front door, the average burglar isn't looking to simply walk into your front door.
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  • Tips For Increasing Your Home's Security When You Have A Teenager

    Having teens in the house can present you with a whole set of new challenges. With the teen years often comes increased responsibility, along with more time in the home alone as well as leaving the house when no one is home. This can make you uneasy about how secure your home really is when you aren't there to ensure everything is locked up. The following tips can help you keep your home secure and your family safe.
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